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Ruben Bio

Ruben Esparza

Commercial Property Manager

Professional Experience:

Ruben Esparza is a Commercial Property Manager at Trumark Real Estate Management &
Services, where Ruben leads the property management of the commercial properties for
Trumark. Ruben oversees a commercial portfolio which includes over 40 commercial properties
with over 350,000 sq. ft. and approximately 350 commercial doors. He oversees tenant
improvements, monthly inspections of the properties, negotiates bids on large jobs. Establishes a
contact with the different Lessees, to maintain a rapport with both ownership and management
Ruben works with different local and state agencies to ensure that the commercial properties
meet with state and city codes. Oversees testing of fire alarms, fire monitoring, elevator testing,
backflow inspections, HVAC maintenance and other building requirements.
Ruben comes with a background overseeing of over 600 acres of properties for Lockheed Martin
Environmental division in California, Seattle, Washington, and Dallas- Forth-Worth, Texas.
For over 45 years he has worked in sales, public relations with an emphasis in management.
Always maintains good working morals and keeping the companies’ liabilities low and maintain
the company’s image high and beyond reproach.
Born in Los Angeles, CA and has had an education in Mexico. Spanish is his second language
where he had 3-years education in Mexico. He has been involved with the Glendale College Golf
Committee for the past several years, raising funds for the different departments of the college.
He has been married for over 40 years and continues to live in Glendale, California.
Property Manager with Lockheed- Martin Burbank location for 7 years.